[Basic Dancing] Become a Better Dancer than your Friends

3 Keywords of Dancing: Flowing, Smooth and Sensual

Students said:

– lol thought this bro supposed to be the best of best. Why fuck do he have a girl that look like wtf. I mean I cant see the chick face but I don’t have to her body said it all. Man where your hot models you claim you massed?

– Hey, if you can get a hotter chick to do a youtube video with you and post it online, then by all means, go ahead… but until then; please shut the fuck up.

– the guy that claims that he slept with over a hundred women. I’m just saying what is this talk about he massed a lot of HB but doesn’t look like it wheres the proof?.

– Dont be dissin this mans woman fool.

– man i like your shit.  I tried it up at the club and it worked. Me = Typical white boy who has trouble moving the hips, but not now.

– You know he’s gettin’ some tonight lol

– hes as big as an oger but moves like a swan he is so graceful!!

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