[TOOLS] PAO Valentines Day Romance in a Box!

Hello Team PAO supporters. We know Valentine’s Day sucks big time – even if you aren’t single. The undue pressure that society places on us is relentless. Buy, romance, perform, its too much. Rejoice, friends – because PAO is here for you.

Exhausted from a day at the office, and you don’t feel like striking up a little romance?

Or, just single, and want to show your bro’s that you still got it?

Well, we’ve got a gallery to help get things going. Announcing, the PAO Valentine’s Day Romance in a Box!

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[Dance Lesson] The Double Dream Feet

Dance Students said what:

“ive never felt so gay violated in my whole life”
– cstunts44

“Well maybe his boyfriend is amused because I surly am not.”
– deadra

“I’m winded.”
– Ray C

“He’s not really that bad of a dancer. Grown ass people watching dance instructions for kids is obviously not going to like it… Try putting up a clip of Barney and expect not to be creeped out.”
– Judsparrow

“@Judsparrow what are grown ass people?”
– cstunts44

“@Judsparrow, @cstunts44 Yeah what are grown ass people?”
– deadra

[The Other Olivia] Thursday Beach Babe Feature – Olivia Munn!

Olivia Munn. The ultimate nerd’s wet dream. Possibly created in a lab, some say – she’s half Chinese and half Babe. She’s got smarts. She’s got the ability to down a large hot dog in one gulp. She wears bikini’s and takes them off at the beach. She makes out with other hot chicks (who doesn’t like lesbian action!). She even did some Playboy action, so you know she’s LEGIT.

Oh, and she’s on G4, the nerd station – where she actually can talk about nerd things. She knows nerds. Nerds know her. Nerds want her. Well – PAO has her! Images of her at least – here ya go, nerds! Hit the BREAK for some serious babe action, from bikini to lesbian to sausage swallowing. This girl does it ALL.

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