[Aquatic Fun] The 2012 Water Park Babe Photo Guide

Water park is the wet version of amusement park. The dress code is typically a bathing suit. For chicks specifically, its bikini invited. Recently, Pineappleope.com was able to send a budding deep cover investigative photo journalist to the depths of several water parks spread across the United States and its territories, including Typhoon Lagoon and the famous Water Country, NH. Here is the footage she returned with:

Splashin’ in the half-tube

Patiently waiting in line for Geronimo

Continue to the full photo gallery of water park talents:

Umm I am going to the wave pool

Lazy River action

Scopin the scene at vista point

“get me with the mushroom”

omfg so fun water park

We rented like 3 inner tubes

im freezing where is my towel

i just laid waste to that slide

oh my big wave

team water park

current is so strong

It was craaazzy

Get me with my tube

… And finally Kim Kardashian was spotted on the water slide. Sporting a red bikini. (Yes PAO air brushed this image)

Ur so Wyld Kim

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  1. yup, the only reason i have a season pass to a waterpark during the summer. better than beach or the lake.

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