[Answering your questions] Will history repeat itself with the Ross Sisters?

Just got a tweet from a twatter asking about the Ross Sisters. I thought this guy was high on PCP – but turns out the Ross Sisters were a real act back in the day – like in 1850. They were 3 hotties, all within 3 years of eachother. Ambidextrous and apparently lacking most bones, they were ravenous lesbians as well. Wait till you see their moves in the video. Its pretty uncanny.

Back to the question though – history will NOT repeat itself here. This act was a divergent chain from standard Evolution – unfortunately, but fortunately at the same time, ultra flexible women like this are predispositioned to be straight – designed and built to please men. The good news, is with some liquor, they can be tricked into pleasing women. The difference though, is that they may develop BISEXUAL tendencies rather than full blown lesbianism. Keep that in mind.

Now – realize the unholyness:

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