Amy Adams – Experimenting with Lauren German

PAO researchers, working on their “flesh of the stars” project, have come across a mildly decent scene of lesbian action between Amy Adams and Lauren German .


In the scene, the babes find a room and chat for about 10 seconds. German, who appears to “wear the pants”, strikes first in the big make out scene. Iit appears that Lauren is hungry for a hot buttered muffin, and Amy is wildly confused about her feelings. It is deep and moving.

Check out the scene and a freebie of Ms German after the jumparooo!

2 Replies to “Amy Adams – Experimenting with Lauren German”

  1. mmm,… mmmmmmm… oh yeah…. i like this….mmm….

    mmmhmmm…. gimme more… i want more….

    girl on girl action mmmm cant…. get….e….nough…

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