[Alaska] Palin Resigning to Become… Women’s Clothing Model?

News broke last Friday that Sarah Palin not only won’t run for re-election in 2010, but would also be resigning from office later this month was the latest drama to surround the former Republican presidential running mate …

sarah palin bikini

The latest in the Palin drama came this morning, when a close friend (of Palins) suggested she has been in talks with several clothing companies and a possible modeling contract. Two major clothing firms have been rumored to be in a bidding war for Palin, August Max Woman and Jordache.

Clearly, its still very early to determine whether or not Palin is slated to become the next older woman model. Pineappleope.com can confirm, Palin is not cut out to be governor of Alaska, or any other state for that matter.

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