A BBQ Conundrum

gristle beard
Gosh, ┬áthe humanity. Yesterday, to celebrate the Inaugauration in style, we brought in tons of smoked meats and slathered ribs and luscious side dishes for PAO staff to enjoy while they hooted and hollered. Problem is, that BBQ was so damn good that I thought about it all night. Even while contemplating my day before drifting off to dreamland with the stereo on eleven, I was still salivating about that barbecue. I am pretty sure I ejaculated barbecue sauce in the middle of the night. It is now 9AM. There are tons of leftovers in the staff kitchen. I want to be in there, elbow deep in a holy spicy tangy ambrosia. While everyone is making their coffee, I will be pulling gristle out of my beard… yum…

2 Replies to “A BBQ Conundrum”

  1. The BBQ alert went out very early in the morning as the chatty BD teammates were talking about it to everyone that they encountered. EVEN though one of said thorns-in-your-sides cannot pronounce the letter “R” – would be a terrible pirate – he still managed to say BARBEECUE about 31 times before 10am.

  2. If there is one thing I regret in ’09 it’s missing the inauguration party. And the hat talking about BBQ

    Were there onion rings?

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