’09 Styles for Xmas ’08

Looking to update your style? Looking for the latest fashions but can’t find them? Look no further…

The Office Choker

Designed by Pineappleope.com Design and manufactured by Pineappleope.com Manufacturing, this is sure to be the newest fashion trend, Office Choker. Office Choker, Great for Parties, Office Parties, Boat cruises, Nascar events, Driving, Relaxing, reading, smoking, smoking pot, the movies, Dinner Dates, Fancy restaraunts, watching TV, taxidermy.

Office Choker makes a fantastic gift for that special someone who is always sporting the latest fashions. Office Choker!

3 Replies to “’09 Styles for Xmas ’08”

  1. You could potentially hang yourself with it. choke other people? well depending on if their necks are bigger than breadboxes that could be a ‘wait and see’ sort of situation

    STAMPIN UP!!!!!!!!! LDAP!!!

  2. Will the ‘wait and see’ analysis be done before Christmas? I’d like to hand these out at our office ‘Holiday’ party.

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