[Non-Winter] Spring Arrived Early… Your Spring Swimwear Guide to 2012

The Sling is back for 2012. The sling swimsuit style all but disappeared in 2011 with the resurgence of the one-piece. PAO staffers were on hand when the major swimwear corporations unleashed their 2012 lines. Here is a quick, by quick PAO means slow, run down:

Classy Pansy - Look like a flower in this violetish swim suit
"The Black Belt" - The sling that looks like a belt, but is actually quite a bit more functional


The Apricot Sling - For the conservative sling wearers
The side-boob extreme: Show off your side breast AND buttox in this primo suit
The Back to School - Make all your classmates green w/ envy as you return from winter break
The "I wanna be a teen again" - The sling for the aging mother who needs attention
The Wooly - So itchy you need to remove it
Thinsulator - Stylish AND Functional enough to keep you warm in cold waters
The "I'm American" - For Independence day 2012
The Turquoise Pebble - For those shy but not shy swimwear wearers
The Athlete Sling - For the more muscular swimmers
The "I gave up" - For those who enjoy bra-less life but love overalls
"The Party" - For use in AND out of the pool area
"Wedding Dress" - Perfect for white weddings in summer 2012

Which ones you’re favorite???


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  1. lots of photoshops there, i think many of them are MEN did anyone else notice that? they look manly, NOT good for the boner.

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