[Live Blogging] Live and Blogging from Apple’s “It’s only rock and roll” event


We are here at Apple’s 9/9/09 event, “It’s only rock and roll” . Fans of Apple are expecting some new ipods with cameras and vibration as well as new iphone accessories (hinted at earlier this year).

We will be Live – Blogging with up to the minute coverage. These are the world times you can expect big apple news:

7:00AM – Hawaiian Islands
10:00AM – Pacific Ocean
11:00AM – Mountainous
12:00PM – Central America
1:00PM – East Coast America
6:00PM – Britain
7:00PM – French
9:00PM – Russia
2:00AM – Coast of Japan

It’s only rock and roll

9:10AM I guess we’re here. This is it. Live. Blogging. Show’s not set to start for a bit. My blood is pumping, I’m excited. I need a new ipod. Time is moving too slow.

9:13AM Drinking a black coffee

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9:15AM Thinking about the coffee im drinking, waiting

9:21AM Growing more impatient by the minute, anticipation always kills me

9:27AM Crowd is growing. When are they going to let us in???

9:29AM Downloading some new Pee Monkey trial on my iphone, thanks free WiFi

9:31AM Overheard “I hope they make a hybrid imac/ipod” … Unlikely

9:36AM Snapped some pics of apple enthusiasts

9:39AM WOAH, just shook hands with Joel Dennis Denihey, co-creator of the ipod nano. Thats a golden handshake

9:45AM Almost show time. Its actually quite hot today – should’ve worn shorts

9:48AM Wish I had a closer seat, my head is pointing left toward the stage – not optimal. Wasn’t necessary to bring my listen-up, its loud in here. Apple appears to wanna blow the worlds ear drums

9:51AM My neck is going to kill after this. On another note, I see more turtlenecks around me than usual

9:56AM On stage there is a big Apple logo, couple of iMacs (same ‘ol silver ones – dont expect any imac news)

9:57AM Im guessing some new itunes software? maybe they removed the genius bar?

9:59AM “turn off all mobile devices. Thank you.” -announcer … umm, I can’t, im live blogging this event

10:02AM Steve is on stage. People are clapping. whistling. this is exciting

10:06AM “In a little over two years, we’ve sold 30 million iPhones.”

10:08AM NEW IPHONE VERSION! Hopefully with mms “Today we have something new for iPhone and iPod touch owners — iPhone OS 3.1.” Win

10:11AM OOoooooh New rintones! “The second thing we’re adding is ringtones” “we’ll have over 30,000 ringtones, and they’ll be sold for a breakthrough price for ringtones, at $1.29″ Breakthrough might be $.10 IMO – try harder jobs

10:12AM “3.1 is free, and it’s available today.”

10:14AM “Today we’re introducing iTunes 9” — great for ipod users, not big news for zune owners

10:16AM “I want to cover a few features of 9. First off, we’re applying Genius to another area. People have submitted over 27m libraries. Over 54b songs. The Genius database has gotten smarter and smarter. They’ve enabled us to make Genius playlists. Well, we’re applying that same tech to something new called Genius Mixes.” Im unimpressed, genius is a dead end – give it up

10:19AM Finally something not worthless: “The biggest thing we’re doing is allowing you to manage your apps in iTunes.”

10:21AM cmon jobs, wheres my colored iphone?

10:25AM cmon …. get to the good stuff… just a bunch of slides about the new itunes… album art… etc… nothing truly awesome

10:28AM More itunes garbage…

10:31AM Ughh, stat slides about ipods… good grief … *YAWN*

10:45AM Some game apps for the iphone, itouch… not impressed – Madden nfl on iphone? CHECK

10:48AM Halo-ish ‘Nova’ game announced for iphone… looks like halo on N64

10:50AM Lower itouch prices… $229 and $199

10:55AM Slimmer classic ipod… 160gb… – $59 ipod shuffle… BORING

10:58AM Video camera on ipod Nano! good for capturing amature home made porn and youtube clips

11:02AM Dull. Unexceptional. Dissapointing. . . . Looks like the show is winding down

11:05AM Jobs talking environment… more bs… ipods safe to eat?

11:06AM Ok, had enough. going to Sizzler

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  1. WHERE are you sitting?!?! i’m on the left – near that asshole who keeps coughing – lets get some coffee, this event SUCKS

  2. Great live blogging.. wow… great work

    Apple is going to be beat by the zune… howd they under perform like this so bad?!

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